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  • Tell us your crazy boss story

  • Jeremy writes... My former boss would call a last minute 1+ hour meeting to discuss how another upcoming meeting should flow.  Then he wondered why things would not get in time.  It used to drive me nuts.  

    Let us know about it!
    Got a favorite boss story?  What about quirks or idiosyncrasies?  Maybe you just need to get some anger off your chest.  Hey its either that or let it fester within the bowels of your soul!  

    James writes… Our Company was in the middle of negotiations with a Chinese company involving a joint venture. We all knew in advance that a surprise visit from the Chinese was possible. One day, we were all working away when our boss runs into the room, arms a flailing, and screaming, “The Chinese are coming, The Chinese are coming, The Chinese are coming!”

    We all busted a gut as we watched him continue his quest down the hall.

    “Ok”, one of the fellows said, “Don’t shoot till you see the whites in their eyes”. Paul Revere would have been proud

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  • Rating the online sites

  • .......... The first thing that comes across is the refreshingly clean look of their site. The menus and links are laid out quite intuitively and best of all you are not bombarded by dozens of ads or being prompted to take a survey.   Actually, I seen very little in in the way of advertisement, not bad since this is a free site.    more..
  • Tell us your story

  • Sara writes.... Well, i can't say i didn't know it was coming but the shock of "being terminated" that i experienced yesterday was still devastaing. I was told all last year that the company is doing great and basically felt that the economy was slowing business but we would be ok.    more..